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Dr. Mandel applies what he has learned over a decade of post-graduate education toward a singular goal – the translation of science into solutions.  Individuals, couples, families, and businesses seek his services when they encounter behavioral, cultural, emotional, or relational challenges that they cannot resolve independently.  In other words, clients hire him when they are stuck.  Dr. Mandel integrates his training in clinical psychology, mediation, and law, to identify a path forward.  

Regardless of the services solicited, once hired, Dr. Mandel conducts a thorough assessment of his clients’ needs. He then employs motivational interviewing (an evidence-based protocol for behavior change) to help clients identify, refine, and build commitment to achieving concrete goals.  Once goals are established, he educates clients about pathways to change and collaboratively generates an action plan.  Finally, Dr. Mandel uses the science of behavioral change to help clients follow through with their plan and achieve their goals. 

If all that sounds simple, then you're getting the point.  Dr. Mandel does his best to keep his process streamlined because his clients’ lives are complicated enough – and that’s why they need help. 

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